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3690 Buyers for air compressors at a manufacturer of oil-free compressors




Buyers for air compressors at a manufacturer of oil-free compressors


1. Inventory Plan vs Forecast
2. Shipping Info /open orders
3. Ordering
4. Deliveries planning and control
5. Deliveries cost efficiencies planning
6. ERP system data maintenance and update
7. Reporting (Plan/ Forecast/ ...)
8. Identification of new suppliers and negotiation


1. one ore more years of experience in buying in general industrial market
2. Language skills: English (Business level), German (Business level), any other (will be an advantage),
3. Basic IT skills (Excel, Word, Power Point, etc.)


PLZ 74206

Unser Kunde

is a publicly listed (Tokyo Stock Exchange) Japanese company in the field of Air Energy and Coating with approximately 1,800 employees worldwide and sales of around 300 million Euro in 2019. 
The client is the regional European Headquarter for Air Compressors and Vacuum Equipment. 
He isa manufacturer specializing in Oil-free Scroll compressors and Oil-free Piston compressors as well as DRY Vacuum pumps with advanced Japanese technology along with European know-how. 
Oil-free Compressors and DRY Vacuum pumps have now become common in the market year by year and those are being used for various purposes/applications such and laboratory, dental, medical, food & beverage and pharmaceutical and so on.
He aims to develop comprehensive systems and DRY Vacuum pump in order to meet client’s needs of the products with high quality and efficiency based on our highly experienced oil-free technology.

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Name: Andreas Kühn

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